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"Our ongoing programs : Provide Dignified Funeral Services For War Veterans, Provide Flags And Wreaths To Cemeteries, Conduct Annual Remembrance Services, Provide Memorial Plaques To Families, Informational Presentations to Schools, Support Local Cadet Corps, Breakfast Program For Local Elementary Schools, Create And Upkeep Veterans Memorials In Our Area."

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Who We Are

   Veterans who survived the horrors of WWI were having a difficult time surviving in ​peace time. There were no allowances of Veterans Assistance of any kind.  The Veterans who died and had no means of providing a decent burial were ​simply buried in Potters field. There were two caring ex-servicemen, Major ​Joe Brown and Clarence Forster, who were very moved by these conditions ​and ​vowed to help in some way.

  In 1926 they formed a volunteer group of concerned Veterans in the Windsor area. This dedicated group of veterans gave freely of their time and money to buy caskets and burial plots for the less fortunate. ​They freely volunteered their time to maintain the burial area of all those they assisted. Their success was limited because of the large demand and the shortage of funds.

   In 1933 in the middle of the Great Depression, they expanded and formed the ​Windsor Grave Committee. They invited all Veterans Services to send a representative to sit on the committee. They were now able to undertake a larger amount of commitments. The financial ability to fund these projects was received by donations from all Veterans Service Clubs and the general public.

​​  WWII added new challenges to their ability to move forward and the request for financial assistance became even greater. They approached cemetery owners and were able to convince them to donate hundreds of burial plots.  ​They established Veteran burial sections in each of the cemeteries for Veterans and their spouses.

  In 1963 they enlarged their group and changed their name to Windsor Veterans Memorial Services Committee. They took on the task of erecting war memorials in each of the cemeteries in Zone A1 (Windsor, Ontario, Canada).  ​The following years were fruitful and rewarding even with the challenges they faced. Today there are memorials in every one of the cemeteries in Zone A1.

​  Many of these memorials were erected and paid for by this committee.  ​These memorials will forever stand as a symbol of their devotion to fight for their country and their commitment to preserve democracy.

   Another very important service this committee provides is a dignified and honourable Veteran memorial service for even those veterans who did not belong to the Veterans Service Association. We are more than willing to show their families that we care.

  It would be impossible to relate all that the committee has accomplished SINCE 1926 and the list of their good deeds would never end.  ​The founding members have given us a challenge and we will continue to ​ honour their traditions as long as we can.  ​We pray that others after us will carry on the torch and the commitment to all Veterans and their families. Veterans fought and died ​ for our freedom and democracy and we will always remember them.

                               WE WILL REMEMBER THEM
Dedicated Soldier​ & Man of Service